Should You Get Your Roof Replaced or Repaired?

The last thing in your mind when you are considering to repair your house, to be honest, is your roof. Surprisingly, it should be the first instead. Asking why? Consider the downpour, the extreme temperature changes from heavy snow in winter to the high temperatures in summer, the avocados and other fruits that fall on it, blah blah blah. We don’t have to say anymore about the sorts of damages they can cause, you can figure them out. So? We should be agreeing that your roof is the most exposed part of your home to damage. Therefore? You either need to repair or replace it. But, the main question remains, Which Is Done When?

This Is When You Can Just Replace Shingles
Many a times, you just need to replace… not many shingles with new ones and your roof will just have a new look, despite extending its life span.

First of all, you may certainly need a roof expert to examine your roof and determine what it needs before you head for the actual replacement. I don’t deny that some of us can simply do that. It’s true, a percentage of us actually can. But you know the value that comes along with consulting experts. Now, if some of your shingles are carried away by wind, putting new ones in their place can serve as a good measure for maintenance. However, it will depend on which part and what size of the roof affected. It can be a part and/or size that you can’t simply do the replacement yourself. You’ll consequently need an expert. Sometimes too, you may have noticed that despite the fact that some shingles may have been simply taken away, there might be a leak through your roof. In that case, the best course of action is finding an expert to fix it for you, most likely to replace the entire roof.

There’s Time To Simply Patch The Damaged Areas.
Patching some parts of your roof may come along with dangers. So making the decision to patch, and not to anything else to your roof should be done under advisement from a professional, just as with replacing shingles. He will inspect both the interior and exterior of your roof and come up with the apt solution.

Just to go through a few, granules on the shingles may be a sign that it needs patching. Bent shingles, especially at their edges could also indicate that patching is needed. Some also patch “lost” shingles.

Remember: Patching has costs that come along with it may lead to further damage. However, it all depends on the roofing Contractor working on it.

You Can Cover It Up.
You’re allowed to cover an existing roof with a layer of shingles, not two. Though it sounds like postponing the problem, it can aid in the short run. You should, however, take care not to put a load that your roof system cannot anchor. It may put you at risk. Please only do this in the presence of an expert.

You May Need A Replacement.
Sometimes, the damage may be so severe that the only thing left is replacing the roof. A leaky roof, a roof carried away by a tornado or any other disastrous happening, an old roof, a roof with worn out materials should be replaced. They can no longer provide you with shelter and the only solution here is replacement. Still, experts can do this best.

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