Heating Cable Installation

To complement our gutter replacement services and roof replacement and repair services, we can also install gutter heating cables to protect these investments.  Learn what these heating cables are, and why they might be important for your home.

What are Gutter Heating Cables?

Known variously as heat cables, gutter heaters, and heat tape, gutter heating cables can be critical in preventing winter weather from damaging your house’s roof, gutters and downspouts. When the temperature falls below freezing, melted snow and water can refreeze, causing ice dams in your house’s drainage system. This, in turn, prevents water from safely draining off your roof.

To minimize that danger, many homeowners in the Chicago area and Chicago’s North Shore communities use heating cables for their roofs and gutters. These cables are installed within the gutters and downspouts to melt the frozen precipitation, ensuring an open drainage path from the roof to the ground.

If you are considering the installation of heating cables, here are some important features to keep in mind:

1. Compatibility and Safety: Make sure the cables are waterproof and that they won’t crack in extremely cold temperatures. In addition, the cables should be compatible with the materials used in your roof, gutter and downspout materials.

2. Electrical Power: Most heating cables have 5 – 7 watts per foot. While that may be plenty in certain areas of the country, Chicago and its north suburban communities aren’t known for their mild winters. You may be better served with heating cables that provide at least 10 watts per foot.

3. Automatic Sensors: Cables with sensors tend to be more expensive, but they improve overall efficiency and require far less maintenance. The sensors accomplish this by reading the temperature and moisture levels and automatically turn off when heating isn’t necessary. For cabling without sensors, you’ll need to plug and unplug the cables as the temperature changes.

With the right materials, tools and knowledge, a homeowner can install heating cables without any help. But that job isn’t for everyone. On taller homes, don’t underestimate the danger in working many feet above ground level or risking an electrical shock by installing the wrong cable.

A professional service like North Shore Home Works can install your heating cables reliably and affordably. We guarantee our work, and references will be provided with your estimate or upon request.  Don’t wait until you already have a problem – give us a call today at 847-409-5507.