Types Of Fences For Your Home

Types Of Fences For Your Home

Fencing your home should give you a sense of security, safety, and privacy. The appearance of your fencing can also give your home a decorative and stylish look since it’s the first thing people see when they approach your home. As you make plans to decide on the type of fencing for your home, consider the reason you want to fence your home and decide from the listed types of fencing that will meet your requirement and budget.

Typically, this type of fencing is found in most US homes. It is affordable, durable and can be used for years. Maintenance cost is relatively low and you can choose from a variety of wood such as oak, cedar, and treated pine.

Aluminum fencing gives your home that attractive appearance; you know what they say about first impression. You can choose to paint and decorate it; apart from this, it has zero maintenance. It is important to point out that if one of the reasons for fencing is for security then you should consider other types of fencing for your home because aluminium fencing is not as strong as others.

Durability is to PVC fencing as snow is to winter. They come in variety of colors and heights. Interestingly, it is the cheapest way to fence your home, yard or pool area. It is usually added to wooden frames to make the fence more stable.

Wrought Iron
If you are looking for durability and probably hoping to heighten the beauty of your home, then wrought iron fencing is what you need if you can afford it. You will need to spend some cool change in maintaining it because they require sand papering and painting every other year.

Hold up! Here comes the fencing for those who want to distinguish themselves. Vinyl fencing is very strong and flexible as compared to others. It requires zero maintenance cost other than the occasional cleaning with water and soap. Brace yourself for the initial installation cost that maybe quite high if you have a tight budget.

Chain Link
A see through fencing that gives passerby a view of your home, so if your reason for fencing is privacy, you may need to reconsider using chain link. Otherwise, it is relatively cheap and durable, if you’re considering using chain link, you can invest a little in planting climbers like shrubs, vines, and even flowers to cut off prying eyes. You can start with Honey suckle and roses.

Are you a pet lover? Do you own a dog? Well, you should consider using electric fencing to set a boundary round the parameter you do not want your buddy’ to wander off to, this is done by building a invisible field of electricity through wires that are placed in trenches dug along the boundaries.

Most homeowners have security and privacy on their mind when choosing the type of fencing they want for their home, on the other hand who says you can’t have it all; safety, security, privacy and beauty.

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