Home Improvement in Long Grove Illinois


North Shore Home Works offers a variety of home improvement services for our clients. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, bedroom remodel, or kitchen remodel, we can help you find the design you’ve been looking for in the Long Grove Illinois area. We can improve the look of any room in your house to your satisfaction. From minor repairs to a complete home remodeling, our team will take care of any job you need done.

General Contractor In Long Grove Illinois

No matter what you need constructed, North Shore’s general contractor team provides every service necessary for the completion of your project. If it’s residential construction you have in mind, we can build you the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. For the business owner looking to expand, we have over 25 years of experience in commercial construction, all at your disposal. So if you need a building made, just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Gutter Installation In Long Grove Illinois

Gutter installation is crucial in preventing damage to the roof and foundation of any home or building. Whether it’s just a minor gutter repair or a complete gutter replacement, we make sure that this often-overlooked feature of your building or home stays in functional condition. Neglecting your gutter and downspout system can lead to huge costs down the road, as water damage often goes unnoticed until serious damage has already been done. So, if your home or building needs a gutter installed or repaired, give us a call now, and save yourself some costly repairs.

Painting Contractors In Long Grove Illinois

Painting a building yourself can be both time consuming and prohibitively expensive; North Shore’s painting contractors will save you the trouble. For a business, painting or repainting your building can cost you time and money that will be sorely missed. Our commercial painting team will get the job done quickly and at a reasonable cost, to help make sure you don’t lose business to your competitors because of this project. If you are a homeowner, our home painting team will take care of whatever you need done in your house. Whether it’s interior or exterior work, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

Deck Builder In Long Grove Illinois

Building a deck is a project that most home or business owners are not prepared to undertake on their own. North Shore’s deck contractors are professionals, with years of experience in deck construction and repair at their disposal. We’ll take care of your project for you, making sure the deck builder you need gives you the service you want. We make sure our clients never leave unsatisfied with the quality of our work.

Fencing Company In Long Grove Illinois

North Shore’s fencing company offers services for both homeowners and commercial establishments that can satisfy all of your fence related needs. We offer year long fence installation and fence repair services, and our team of fencing contractors can take care of any project, no matter how big or small. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, tailored to your specifications. So give us a call, and we’ll offer our recommendations based on your individual needs and budget.

Roofing Companies In Long Grove Illinois

North Shore offers roofing services that can meet the needs of any customer. It doesn’t matter if you just need a small roof repair or a complete installation, our roofing contractors will get the job done. With quality materials and professional service, we take on projects for both commercial and residential clients.

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